Contact: Timothy Schabo


MILWAUKEE, WI – Rep. David Crowley (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement on the retirement of Justice Shirley Abrahamson of the Wisconsin Supreme Court:

“Though I am saddened by the retirement of Justice Shirley Abrahamson, I am happy to take this moment to recognize her incredible legacy on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Throughout more than four decades on the Court, Justice Abrahamson has served as a pioneer in many aspects of our judicial system.  She has entered history as the first woman to serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the first female Chief Justice on the Court, and the longest serving Wisconsin Supreme Court justice in state history and currently in the United States.

“Justice Abrahamson has earned statewide and national recognition as a serious defender of civil rights and liberties.  Her insightful opinions on the Supreme Court have influenced state and national legal opinion, and she has been lauded by colleagues of all different ideologies as an effective scholar and communicator.

“Although Justice Abrahamson will be leaving the bench after this term, her insightful legal opinions will no doubt continue to influence legal scholars and justices in the State Supreme Court.  I thank her for her hard work and dedication to our judicial system, and I wish her the best in her retirement.”

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