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Will Not Seek Re-election in 2018

MADISON – Today, State Representative Ed Brooks (R-Town of Reedsburg) announced he will not seek re-election for a sixth term to represent the 50th Assembly District.

“I’ve been humbled and honored to represent the good citizens from the best assembly district in Wisconsin for 10 years,” said Brooks. “All I can say to describe my experience is that it has been awesome!”

In announcing his decision to not seek another term, Brooks said his health was the determining factor. Recent tests indicated he needs to maintain control over the leukemia that he
battled into remission last year.

Brooks said he sees his district as the best in Wisconsin because his constituents are engaged in the issues, communicative, and not afraid to call it like they see it. The fact that he faced an opponent each of the five times he ran for assembly led Brooks to surmise that Democracy is alive and well in the 50th Assembly District.

As Chair of the Urban and Local Affairs Committee, which later became the Local Government Committee, Brooks took a particular interest in local issues. One of the first bills Brooks had signed into law addressed security around Volk Field in the post-9/11 era, and one of the last bills he had signed into law helped Mauston, and all municipalities, with placement of welcome signs.

Brooks, along with Reps. Quinn and Tranel, was a founding member of the Rural Wisconsin Initiative (RWI). The RWI provides focus and leadership to the discussion of how we can build our future in rural Wisconsin. RWI proposals center on bridging the gap with our urban neighbors in education, health care, technology, and the workforce. Brooks is proud of the bi-partisan support these initiatives have received from his colleagues and Governor Walker.

Brooks cited that watching local kids grow up with their 4-H projects at county fairs to seeing them go to college or begin their careers elsewhere as some of the most gratifying memories from his tenure as an assemblyman.

“Over the years Barb and I invested thousands of dollars into local children’s leadership development by bidding on their sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, you name it, at county fairs. Knowing the amount of work they put into their projects and seeing the pride they had in their work made it worth every penny,” said Brooks.

Brooks is especially grateful to his supporters, friends, and family who advised and encouraged him through his legislative career and recent cancer diagnosis.

“I have so many people I’d like to thank, but especially those closest to me, my wife Barb, my children and grandchildren, have all played an important role in making my time in the legislature possible. For us, this has always been a family affair,” added Brooks.

Brooks thanked his staff both past and present for serving his constituents over the past 10 years. Terri, Jeff, Kathryn and John have been a solid team critical to the success I’ve had in the legislature.

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