Contact: Eric Genrich

These last few months I have spent a lot of time talking with family, friends, and community members about the prospect of my run for mayor. As a result of those encouraging conversations, and because of my continued commitment to public service and my love for this city, I am announcing my candidacy today.

I am simultaneously announcing my decision not to seek reelection to the state Assembly. I make that decision with mixed emotions, recognizing how much work remains to be done. But I also never intended to make a lifelong career of legislative service. At the end of my term, I will have served the people of Green Bay for six years in the legislature, which has been the honor of my professional life. I am proud of my record of advocacy and bipartisan accomplishment, and I plan to carry forward with that spirit into the future.

As I begin this campaign, I want to make it clear that this race will not be about one person or a collection of candidates. Instead this effort must be about the people of Green Bay – people in every corner of the city and from all walks of life. During these next twelve months, I will talk to my fellow citizens in every neighborhood, listen to the hopes and dreams they have for our community, and give voice to those ideas as best I can.

I am a proud son of Green Bay who deeply loves our
community’s story. I’m ready to help write the next chapter, and I ask my fellow citizens to join me.

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