Contact: Rep. Michael Schraa: (608) 267-7990 Rep. Evan Goyke: (608) 266-0645

(Madison, WI) Representative Michael Schraa (R-Oshkosh) and Representative Evan Goyke (D- Milwaukee) celebrate the unanimous passage of the Juvenile Corrections bill by both the Senate and Assembly.

“We aren’t just closing Lincoln Hills,” said Schraa. “We’re establishing a new way to deal with troubled youth. Juvenile offenders will be placed at state or county facilities based on the severity of their offense. The vision is to keep these youth closer to home, tied to community, and engaged in building positive life skills.”

Rep Goyke explained, “This legislation accomplishes great things for our communities, counties, and justice system – both juvenile and adult. Incarcerated youth will now have access to the services and rehabilitation they need while accomplishing these goals closer to their home and families. This is a proven model in other States and we can now establish and implement ‘The Wisconsin Model.’”

“Today the State Legislature has completed its work on meaningful reforms to our juvenile corrections system. I am honored to have worked closely with Rep. Schraa and the other bi-partisan authors on the crafting of the legislation and passage of this bill,” Rep. Goyke stated following today’s vote.

“This bill is a textbook example of how much can be accomplished when individuals put aside their differences and don’t worry about who gets the credit. Republican and Democratic legislators, the executive branch, and stakeholders returned to the table time and again to collaborate on this effort.” Schraa continued, “I suspect that this coalition isn’t finished working together for future reforms.”

Now the real work begins. As soon as the governor signs the bill into law, committee members will be hard at work, making the Wisconsin Model a reality.

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