CONTACT: Rep. Evan Goyke

Milwaukee –Since my election to the legislature I have worked hard to share my vision of, and commitment to, the City of Milwaukee. Milwaukee is unique in Wisconsin. Far too often my community’s challenges cast a shadow over its assets and contributions. While those challenges are real, they do not define my city, nor my neighborhood, nor my block.

Over the past year, I created a publication to highlight the wonderful new and exciting things Milwaukee has to offer. My goal is to change the way Milwaukee is viewed in State policy and politics. Many outside of Milwaukee do not get to see the positive change that I see on a daily basis.  Milwaukee is experiencing growth and momentum on our streets, in the heart of downtown, and throughout our diverse neighborhoods.

I am committed to building upon the momentum I see and feel back home. My vision is laid out in policies that I believe will help my community. My commitment is to continue to work in the legislature and beyond to roll up my sleeves and stand with my neighbors in building a stronger Milwaukee.

I know Milwaukee’s future is bright – we are the cultural and economic engine of Wisconsin.

The Bridge to Wisconsin’s Future publication lays that out, provides clear examples of how vital Milwaukee’s economy is to Wisconsin, and showcases examples of positive change throughout my community. I encourage all Wisconsinites to get to know my community and the great things going on every day in neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee.

As an elected leader from Milwaukee, part of my job is to educate my colleagues about the value of my community.  I hope that The Bridge to Wisconsin’s Future continues a needed dialogue about Milwaukee and dispels inaccurate myths about our community.

I am grateful for the hard work of my neighbors that together make Milwaukee such a great place to live, work, and play.

A digital copy of The Bridge to Wisconsin’s Future may be found on my legislative website at:

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