Rep. Gary Hebl, (608) 266-7678

(MADISON) – Yesterday Rep. Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prairie) spoke at a “Reclaim the UW” rally asking for the University of Wisconsin System to be fully funded. A member of both the Assembly Committee on Education and the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities, Hebl has long said that education should be the number one priority of the Legislature.

“If we fully invest in education, we are going to see the state flourish,” Hebl said. “A strong educational foundation will lead to trained workers, research breakthroughs, leaders that will be equipped to take on the challenges of modern society, as well as the next crop of teachers that will help continue the cycle for generations to come. All of those outcomes will lead to a strong state economy.”

Despite rainy weather, Rep. Hebl stood with others to show their support for the UW System and to protest what they see as poor decision making, including the decision at UW-Stevens Point to eliminate 13 humanities majors. Hebl said that investment in education will also attract outside talent to Wisconsin.

“Parents want to know, no matter where they decide to relocate, that their children are going to receive a quality education,” Hebl continued. “When they see we are fully invested in K-12 education, when they see we are invested in our state colleges and universities, they will be far more willing to move to our state. It is far more effective than a $7 million ad campaign. Parents want their kids to have an opportunity to succeed, and that starts with quality education.”

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