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Plant a Tree This Arbor Day

On the last Friday in April Wisconsin observes Arbor Day, an effort to encourage citizens across the country to plant trees. While it may not get the same amount of attention as Earth Day, Arbor Day is another important opportunity to recognize the importance of greenery in today’s world.

Arbor Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1872 in Nebraska, when an estimated one million trees were planted. This year in Wisconsin, Arbor Day will take place onApril 27. The weather for the first part of April weather wasn’t exactly conducive to planting anything, let alone trees, but it appears that spring might finally be here.  Even if you aren’t able to plant a tree, we can still use Arbor Day as an opportunity to think about how our actions impact the world around us.

Planting even one tree has a tremendous positive impact on the environment. In addition to providing oxygen, trees filter dust and pollutants like ozone and carbon dioxide. They are also a crucial habitat for all sorts of critters and birds.

Wisconsin has a strong environmental legacy, stretching from John Muir to Aldo Leopold to Gaylord Nelson. By planting a tree on Arbor Day, you can join the ranks of people that have done their part to maintain Wisconsin’s natural beauty.

We must work together to strengthen Wisconsin’s natural beauty. Whether that is fighting for protections for the environment in the legislature or planting a tree in your backyard, there is something for us all to do. If you are able (and the weather cooperates), I encourage everyone to try to plant a tree on Friday, April 27. For more information, such as how to identify different trees or how to choose and buy trees, check out

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