Dianne Hesselbein

MADISON – Wisconsin Assistant Assembly Democratic Leader Dianne Hesselbein (D – Middleton) released the following statement following Governor Walker’s State of the State address today:

“Governor Walker and Republicans in the legislature have tried to paint a rosy picture of the State of the State this year – but the early indications are that Wisconsin families are not buying it.

“Time and time again, Wisconsin Republicans have used their power to gamble our future on massive foreign corporations like Foxconn, while neglecting the basic needs and values of everyday Wisconsinites. They are attacking our public schools, destroying our natural resources, denying access to basic health care and vital public services, and undermining critical institutions that have made us proud to call Wisconsin home.

“Shortly after the New Year, Governor Walker stated ‘the last thing we need is more Madison in our lives’ – but he is wrong. As someone who is proud to call Dane County home, the irony of bashing a key economic driver that leads the state in private sector job growth, while using it in promotional material to lure younger people to our state, is not lost on me.

“Governor Walker – the last thing we actually need is you shamelessly belittling our communities and destroying opportunities for everyday Wisconsinites to live, work, and thrive. This is why Assembly Democrats are fighting for a Wisconsin way forward, with bold solutions that invest in opportunities and fairness for every child, person, and family in Wisconsin, regardless of zip code.

“We are fighting to protect access to basic rights and services like healthcare, childcare, and family medical leave; we are fighting to invest in our public schools and institutions of higher education so that our younger generations have the opportunities to get ahead in life; and we are fighting to safeguard current and future economic security for families, so that they can pay their bills now and have the ability to retire later in life without overwhelming debt.”

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