Dianne Hesselbein


MADISON – Wisconsin State Assembly Assistant Democratic Leader Dianne Hesselbein (D – Middleton) released this statement following Assembly Republicans voting against closing the “Dark Store” loophole, which allows corporate retailers to shift millions of dollars in taxes to homeowners and other businesses:

“Wisconsin’s ‘Dark Store’ loophole is an all-too-perfect example of how big corporations can game the system at the expense of our families and local small businesses. Wisconsin families can’t claim that their houses are abandoned in order to lower their property taxes – why should big-box retailers be allowed to do this?

“Communities and local governments across the state have asked us to fix this loophole and for relief from long, costly legal fights against well-funded corporate retailers. This bill has a majority of support in both houses of government across party lines, so it is inexcusable that Assembly Republicans voted to block action on this important legislation today.”

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