September 20, 2018

Contact: Aaron Collins, 608.266.2254

Foxconn “sneak peek” appropriates images lifted from Google search

MADISON – This week, Foxconn released a “sneak peek” video of their future campus in Mount Pleasant. The 4-minute video is supposed to give an overview and virtual reality tour of the future complex. However, a basic Google image search reveals the video uses images that appear to just be randomly lifted from the internet, passing them off as representations of the future Foxconn site. For example, an image of a “community park” on the Foxconn campus can actually be identified as the City Park in Bradford, UK. Additionally, the model still shows a Generation 10.5 facility which Foxconn has confirmed is no longer being built, instead opting for a smaller scale Generation 6 facility. This model includes the Corning glass production facility planned for the large panel Generation 10.5 production. Both Corning and Foxconn have made clear there will not be a glass substrate facility on the campus. Assembly Democratic Leader Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) released the following statement on these aspects of the video:

“Foxconn’s plans are so incomplete they don’t know what they’re building or where they’re building it. The fact that Foxconn is using stock images from a town in England demonstrates the Walker Administration and Foxconn are more interested in selling a fantasy in an election year than they are telling the taxpayers what is happening with their money.

“While the picture from England is embarrassing for the Walker administration and Foxconn, the lack of long-term planning is a serious issue. With up to $4.5 billion dollars in public costs associated with this project, Wisconsin taxpayers deserve transparency. Instead, Governor Walker has turned over the keys to our state’s future to a company drawing up blueprints with a Google image search.”

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