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MADISON – Assembly Democratic Leader Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) released the following statement on actions taken by legislative Republicans during the lame duck Extraordinary Session:

“Nothing we did last night had anything to do with helping the people of Wisconsin. It was about helping politicians. It was about power and self-interest. This is exactly what people hate about politics.

“Normally, the period after the election is the most optimistic time of the two-year cycle. A time to come together and see what common goals we share. And yet, Republicans couldn’t even wait 24 hours after the election to say they were planning to strip Governor-elect Evers of his powers before he has even taken the oath of office. The disrespect to this institution shown by these actions is unprecedented and appalling. No one should pretend what occurred last night is remotely normal. It is hard to overstate the long-term damage this will have on our democracy. Republicans are making our state a national disgrace by this blatant attempt to override the will of the voters.”

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