November 8, 2018

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Desperate GOP moves on the heels of Governor Elect-Evers Victory

MADISON – Assembly Democratic Leader Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) released the following statement regarding Speaker Vos’ comments on a possible special session to limit the powers of Governor-Elect Evers.

“Speaker Robin Vos’ statements in the last two days are indicative of the kind of politician who can never have the deck stacked too far in their favor,” said Rep. Hintz. “On Election Day, every statewide race was won by a Democrat, yet the balance in the Legislature remained virtually unchanged.

“While the Wisconsin Republicans’ disgraceful and unconstitutional gerrymander is the biggest contributor to this outcome, it is it is important to note that Speaker Vos was also the driving force behind dramatic changes in campaign finance law and a complete restructuring of Wisconsin’s ethics and elections commissions. A change in the Governor’s office is a check and balance the voters have chosen. Instead of accepting the results of the election and thinking of ways to work with the executive branch, Speaker Vos appears to be putting all of his efforts toward consolidating power into a Republican Party brand whose base is rapidly eroding.

“Republican candidates ran on protecting pre-existing conditions even when they voted to erode those protections. They ran on funding transportation despite eight years of failure. They ran on funding schools and some even mentioned redistricting reform to get some editorial endorsements. It’s important to note that they never once mentioned reigning in executive power during the entire campaign. These lies are intended to mislead voters and consolidate power all at the expense of the people of Wisconsin,” Rep. Hintz concluded.