November 29, 2018

Contact: Rep. Melissa Sargent, 608-266-0960

By Melissa Sargent

Audio File of Radio Address

Hello, this is State Representative Melissa Sargent with this week’s Democratic Radio Address.

Our democracy is founded on having three separate but equal branches of government. The separation of powers between our legislative, executive, and judicial branches are paramount in protecting the promise of a fair and balanced state government.

This concept is central to the well-being of our democracy.

Despite this, the day after Tony Evers was elected Governor, Republicans expressed a desire to limit executive authority.

Republicans never mentioned a need to reign in the powers of the governor throughout the entire campaign, yet after Scott Walker lost, it became their top priority.

The people of Wisconsin have voted for a change in leadership and in direction.

Sadly, Republicans are choosing to act against the will of the people.

Rather than accepting the results of November’s election and working to collaborate with Governor-elect Evers, Speaker Vos and Majority Leader Fitzgerald are focused on desperate attempts to consolidate power.

Putting politics over the people of Wisconsin is not the way forward.

Wisconsin deserves better.

Thank you.

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