Contact: Representative Rob Hutton
(608) 237-9113

Madison – Representative Rob Hutton (R-Brookfield) issued the following statement applauding Governor Walker’s signing of AB 805 and AB 748 into law.

“With the signing of AB 805 we continue our commitment to keeping college affordable and accessible to our high school students by maintaining one of the most effective programs to earn early college credits” said Rep. Hutton. “AB 748 promotes equity in business practices across the state to create a climate that provides certainty for employees and employers no matter what location they work in. Both pieces of legislation are critical in keeping Wisconsin moving forward by reducing barriers to education and employment.”

AB 805 exempts certain college courses from the Early College Credit Program. Instead, it maintains the previous, more effective, model under which these college courses were available to high schoolers.

AB 748 prohibits the use of Mandatory Labor Peace Agreements, prohibits local governments from creating duplicative occupational licenses, creates statewide uniform regulation for employment hours, creates statewide uniform regulations for employee benefits, allows employers the right to ask salary information from prospective employees, eliminates mandated pay scales for employers contracting with local governments, creates a statewide standard on wage claims and prohibits local governments from establishing a duplicative process.

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