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(608) 266-0656

Madison—Representative Terry Katsma (R–Oostburg) issued the following statement in response to Governor Scott Walker’s annual State of the State Address delivered earlier today:

“The people of Wisconsin spoke, and we listened. Our K-12 schools are supported this year with record-high funding, and I applaud the Governor’s commitment to deliver even more new support for low-spending school districts (including several in Sheboygan County) before this legislative session ends. University of Wisconsin tuition remains frozen at current levels so that college continues to be affordable. In the past year alone, we completely eliminated not one but three state-level taxes altogether. Our private-sector employment rate has reached an all-time record high; unemployment has matched its all-time record low. Republicans’ sustained efforts in Wisconsin over the past eight years to remove barriers to work, encourage business growth and reduce our people’s tax burden are now paying huge dividends—especially when you contrast our successes against the deep systemic challenges and the enormous tax increases we see in neighboring states such as Illinois. In so many respects, the state of our state has never been better.

“I commend the Governor’s ambitious new ideas to keep building on Wisconsin’s string of successes. I’ve long believed that just about everyone who receives public assistance would really prefer not to need any assistance, and at this time when our businesses are practically desperate for employees, the Governor’s proposed welfare reforms are going to keep making it easier for folks to find a job. And, with the state budget running a surplus this year due to our strong economy, I’m fully supportive of the Governor’s commitment to return that money—$138 million of YOUR money—to you!”

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