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Madison – State Representative Joel Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay) released the following statement after Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State address:

“Governor Walker did a wonderful job delivering the State of the State address. As a state, Wisconsin has made tremendous progress in the previous year.”

“Among the accomplishments mentioned, I was proud to see that our state’s health care systems rank number one in the nation for quality. Access to affordable, high quality health care is a right that everyone in Wisconsin deserves. It was wonderful to hear that Governor Walker is encouraging a renewed focus on SeniorCare to ensure security and stability for the most vulnerable members of our community. This is something I have advocated for since I came into office and will continue to fight for.

“I was also pleased to learn that the Governor’s plan for 2018 will focus on the development and growth of Wisconsin’s rural areas. Funding rural schools will continue to be a priority as we move forward through this year. The sparsity aid package that was introduced last week will help many rural low-spending schools, including those in the first district.

“In addition to rural school funding, I was excited by Governor Walker’s proposal to create a Rural Economic Development Fund of $50 million per year.  With the intention of focusing on the development of new businesses and the expansion of small businesses in rural areas, I feel this will be a major boon for our district.

“I am looking forward to achieving the ambitious goals laid out in Governor Walker’s address as we continue to move Wisconsin forward.”

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