June 18, 2018

Contact: Debra Kolste – (608) 921-0200

JANESVILLE – Following today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to dismiss a challenge to Wisconsin’s hyper-partisan legislative maps and refer the case back to the district court, Rep. Debra Kolste released the following statement:

“There is nothing more fundamental to our democracy than voting. It is impossible for our laws to reflect the will of the public when the outcomes of elections are determined before a single vote is cast.”

“Without a non-partisan resolution to redistricting, the practice of gerrymandering will continue to get worse as the technological ability to draw even more partisan maps gets better. It is more important than ever for lawmakers to act and pass legislation that takes redistricting out of the hands of politicians.”

“I can only hope that at some point, enough is enough, and elected politicians and justices alike will have the courage to take a stand and promote fair elections. Only then will the actions of our state reflect the voices of our residents.”

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