Contact: Rep. Debra Kolste


MADISON – Yesterday, the Wisconsin State Senate passed Assembly Bill (AB) 608, AB 848, and AB 872, three bills that were co-authored by Representative Debra Kolste (D-Janesville).

AB 608 fixes a statutory oversight so that pharmacy technicians can continue providing services that fall within the practice of pharmacy under the direction and supervision of a licensed pharmacist. This bill ensures that state law reflects common practices.

AB 848 allows minors to access mental health treatment in emergency situations without requiring the written consent of a parent or guardian. This exception would limit treatment to 30 days and would still require a health care provider to attempt to contact the parent or guardian to obtain consent prior to treatment.

Lastly, to help address shortages in firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs), AB 872 provides a $500 payment to high school students that complete a Firefighter I or II course or become certified as an EMT Basic.

“I am pleased that the Senate recognized the importance of these bills and passed them without opposition,” said Rep. Kolste. “Addressing workforce shortages, clarifying the scopes of health care providers, and giving youth greater access to treatment in the midst of a mental health crisis are true bi-partisan issues,” Kolste added.

“I would like to thank my co-authors as well as the professional stakeholders that lent their support and expertise in crafting this legislation.” These bills will now head to Governor Walker to be signed into law. The State Assembly will reconvene for a Special Session on School Safety but has otherwise concluded its legislative business.

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