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Kewaskum: Today Jesse Kremer, the Representative for the 59th Assembly District, announced his support for Ty Bodden as his successor. Rep. Kremer, a citizen-legislator who had no political experience prior to running for office in 2014, was a champion of pro-life legislation, school security concerns, free speech protections, welfare reform, and took the federal government to task through a variety of federalism proposals.

Rep. Kremer issued the following statement regarding Ty, “I am proud to support Ty Bodden and endorse him as my family’s next representative and the voice of the entire 59th Assembly District in Madison. Ty is young, energetic, an independent thinker and one who espouses staunch protections for the pre-born and has vowed to defend those freedoms we cherish most – including the 1st and 2nd amendments to the US Constitution. Ty is a strong family man whose Christian upbringing and morals have grounded him as an honest citizen who has the integrity and to hold firm to those values in Madison.”

Ty assisted Rep. Kremer as the campaign manager in the northern half of the district in 2014 and also interned with the Kremer office for several months during Kremer’s first term.

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