Contact: State Rep. Jesse Kremer, (608) 266-9175

Includes Photo ID for FoodShare Bill in Call for Special Session

Madison, WI – Yesterday morning Governor Walker called for a Special Session to consider ten bills designed to significantly reform our state’s welfare system and prevent fraud and abuse. One of these bills, authored by Rep. Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum), seeks to end the ongoing misuse of Wisconsin’s FoodShare system by adding photos to FoodShare Electronic Benefit Cards (EBT). Currently, Wisconsin EBT cards only include one layer of security through the use of a personal identification number (PIN).

Other states are currently utilizing a photo ID EBT card system. Maine recently implemented a program, and Massachusetts re-implemented their program under Democrat Governor Deval Patrick after it was shut down by a previous Governor in 2004. Some banks and our own UW system incorporate photo IDs on debit cards for an additional layer of security. The UW WisCard is no longer simply a college ID, but also a debit card with a photo ID. Bank of America states directly in its website that, although their cards currently have PIN numbers and computer chips, “your picture on your debit card helps protect you from fraudulent use if your card is lost or stolen.”

Rep. Kremer issued the following statement regarding the Governor’s announcement, “I would like to commend Governor Walker and the legislature for their past and continued efforts to combat the fraudulent use of hard earned taxpayer dollars. We must continue this battle to protect these benefits for those who are truly in need. Since I began to champion the photo ID issue in 2015, Wisconsin FoodShare recipient fraud has robbed taxpayers of an additional 22.1 million dollars.”

Rep. Kremer represents the 59th Assembly District which includes Southern Calumet, Western Sheboygan, Northern Washington and Eastern Fond du Lac Counties. Rep. Kremer’s office can be reached at (608) 266-9175 or by e-mail at His legislative website can be found at

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