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Madison, WI –Late yesterday, Representative Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) met with WI Attorney General Brad Schimel, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), Senator Patrick Testin (R-Stevens Point), the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation and other officials at the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding the DOJs Analytical Note prepared by the Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center on the legality of CBD oil in Wisconsin which claimed that production and possession of CBD oil is illegal in this state. Thanks to expert analysis by attorneys at Wisconsin Legislative Council and the work of the stakeholders which brought about the historic unanimous passage of the Farm Freedom Act (Act 100), Rep. Kremer, Sen. Testin, and the Farm Bureau were able to advocate for the Industrial Hemp Pilot program and the legality of CBD in Wisconsin and believe a very productive conversation was held.

Upon conclusion of the meeting with the Attorney General and DOJ officials, Rep. Kremer issued the following statement: “I feel very optimistic after meeting with Brad Schimel and other stakeholders about Wisconsin’s Industrial Hemp Pilot program which has seen incredible interest across our state and nation. After a fuller discussion of Act 100, the 2014 Farm Bill, and how they interact with other state laws on the books, I feel we are all committed to ensuring that our farmers and processors can take full advantage of all of the opportunities the hemp pilot program provides, including CBD. I believe that in the coming days, we will see new clarity on the industrial hemp and CBD issue that will bring a positive resolution for our state.” 

To provide further clarity on the legality of CBD in Wisconsin going forward, Rep. Kremer officially requested Legislative Council Memos that would specifically explain the legality of CBD under both the Industrial Hemp Pilot program established by the Farm Freedom Act and an earlier Act known as “Lydia’s Law.” Those memos are included in this release linked below. While this is just the beginning of the conversation with DOJ and DATCP officials, Rep. Kremer and the other stakeholders who brought Industrial Hemp back to Wisconsin for the first time in decades are optimistic that this commodity and the common place products created from it will soon again make Wisconsin Americas Hempland. 

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