Green Bay…Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel announced the latest round of Wisconsin Department of Justice school safety grants. Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) released the following statement:

“I have been involved with the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of School Safety from the beginning of the $100 Million School Safety program and am happy to see many Brown County school districts taking advantage of the state’s help.” said Rep. Macco “We at the state, are not having a this or that conversation when it comes to our children, we are having a this and that discussion.”

Today, Attorney General Brad Schimel announced the latest round of school safety grants awarded to schools across the state. Green Bay Area Public School District will receive $835,092, Green Bay Area Catholic Education will receive $153,990, Ashwaubenon School district will receive $99,870 and Denmark School District will receive $89,955. The Department of Justice previously awarded the De Pere School District $62,200.

“The answer to school safety is not to do 1 thing 100% better, but to do 100 things 1% better.” continued Rep. Macco. “Keeping our children safe is a top concern in my office and I will continue to work with the DOJ to do just that.”

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