Governor Signs Macco Bill to Allow Organizations to More Easily Donate Improvements to Local Governments

Madison…Today, Governor Walker signed Assembly Bill 821 authored by Representative Macco. 

This new law will allow private organizations to more easily donate completed projects to local governments.  All non-profit organizations in Wisconsin will now have the ability to donate both labor and materials to construct or renovate facilities on government-owned land.  

Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) released the following statement:

“I am pleased that the Governor signed this legislation, which both the Assembly and Senate approved unanimously.  The Green Bay Optimist Club contacted my office last year informing me that state law prevented them from donating labor and materials to build a concession stand at East River Optimist Park.  I introduced this legislation to eliminate this unreasonable limitation in state law.”  Continued Rep. Macco, “Many municipalities throughout Wisconsin will benefit from this legislative change.  In fact, my office has received calls from the Friends of the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, which would also like to donate facilities at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. 

“It’s time that we in Madison allow Wisconsinites do what they do best – let individuals help improve the communities in which they reside.  I thank Senator Cowles for introducing a Senate companion bill and for his work in moving this bill forward in the Senate.  I would also like to thank the Green Bay Optimists for bringing this bureaucratic obstruction to light.  Many times, bills become law because constituents contact our Madison offices with legislative ideas and fixes,” said Rep. Macco.

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