Madison…Yesterday, the Senate unanimously passed an Assembly-approved bill (AB 821) authored by Representative Macco that will allow private organizations to donate labor and materials to construct facilities on government-owned property.

The Green Bay Optimist Club would like to donate and construct a concession stand on City of Green Bay property at Optimist Park. City officials have already approved the project.

The Friends of Bay Beach would also like to use private funds to renovate the existing facilities at Bay Beach Amusement Park on City of Green Bay property.

All non-profit organizations in Wisconsin may now have the ability to donate both labor and materials to construct or renovate facilities on government-owned land.

Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) released the following statement:

“I am pleased that the Assembly and now the Senate unanimously passed this legislation. Municipalities throughout Wisconsin will benefit from this legislative change. In fact, my office has received many calls from Green Bay-area groups that would like to donate facilities to their communities but were unable to do so. It’s time that we in Madison allow Wisconsinites to do what they do best – let individuals help improve the communities in which they reside. I thank Senator Cowles for introducing a Senate companion bill and for his work in getting this bill passed in the Senate.”

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