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MADISON, WI — On Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker signed the Delegation of Podiatry Act, 2017 Act 227, authored by State Representative Dave Murphy (R-Greenville) and State Senator Jerry Petrowski (R-Marathon).

“This law is a win for anyone seeking access to quality, affordable podiatric care. Patients will see decreased wait times, decreased medical costs, and better access to the quality health care they deserve,” Rep. Murphy stated. “Improving access to critical foot care is something that every senior citizen understands the need for. When the podiatrists approached me with the idea for this bill, I immediately recognized how my own mother, who passed away in 2015, would have benefited from this improvement in our laws.”

The new law allows podiatrists to delegate non-surgical medical services to physician assistants and advanced nurse practitioners. Previously, only podiatrists were permitted to perform these services. The bill was advanced by the Wisconsin Podiatric Medical Association and passed both the Senate and Assembly with bipartisan support.

“The addition of medical professionals who may partner with podiatrists will result in faster, more efficient, and more affordable care for all of our citizens, but especially our senior citizens who need to use these services more often as they age,” said Rep. Murphy.

To keep up with the need for specialized health care, physician assistants and advanced nurse practitioners have begun playing a more prominent role in patient care. Both professions require years of specialized education and national certifications that allow them to work alongside physicians.

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