Contact: Rep. Greta Neubauer, (608) 237-9166

MADISON, WI – Today, Representative Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) released the following statement regarding the lawsuit against Gov. Walker’s refusal to hold special elections:

“Once again, Wisconsin voters have won in court. After being ordered to call special elections no later than March 29, Governor Walker and the legislative Republicans declared their intent to further delay special elections in the 1st Senate District and the 42nd Assembly District and to call an extraordinary session to rewrite Wisconsin election laws.

“Today, we challenged that clear obstruction of our election laws and took Gov. Walker back to court. The judge was incredulous that Gov. Walker and the legislative Republicans would try to delay calling the elections in order pass a law circumventing the court order, while the Wisconsinites affected go without legislative representation. Gov. Walker has a plan legal duty to hold elections as soon as possible and without delay.

“While Gov. Walker and the Republicans will likely appeal this ruling, I am committed to fighting for the rights of the people of Wisconsin, even if Gov. Walker would prefer they go unrepresented.

“Today’s ruling is a win for Wisconsin citizens. It is a clear message to Gov. Walker: He can’t just change the law when a court doesn’t rule his way. The people of the 1st Senate District and the 42nd Assembly District have a right to legislative representation, and I’ll keep fighting to protect it.”

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