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Madison–State Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette), Co-chair of the Joint Committee on Finance released the following statement in response to a column authored by Senator Dave Hansen:

“Senator Dave Hansen recently exhibited his inexperience when it comes to private business practices. In his column, Sen. Hansen claims that Kimberly-Clark will lay off 7% of its workforce in Wisconsin should Assembly Bill 963 become law. While this may be an effective fear tactic, it is nothing more than that.”

“The 93% employment retention threshold is in place because of the ebb and flow of large-business employment. Big facilities that employ hundreds of individuals are rarely ever at 100% employment. It is important to set guidelines to protect the state’s interests, while also affording Kimberly-Clark flexibility so incentives are not immediately in jeopardy should one or two employees decide to leave.”

“Moreover, if Sen. Hansen took the time to read the bill or meet with Kimberly-Clark, he would know there are actually two 93% employment thresholds in the bill: one for the Neenah plant, and one for full-time employees at other Kimberly-Clark facilities in Wisconsin. The plant in Marinette is the only other Kimberly-Clark manufacturing facility in our state, which means the 93% statewide employment standard would protect jobs in our community.”

“Much of Sen. Hansen’s confusion could have been cleared up by meeting with Kimberly-Clark or union representatives. In a meeting with Kimberly-Clark last week, I was told Sen. Hansen refuses to even meet with them. It is worth noting that AB 963 is supported by trade unions in Wisconsin. Would Sen. Hansen rather play politics with Kimberly-Clark or save hundreds of family-supporting jobs right before the holidays?”

“The reality is, if we do not act, we know for certain that we will lose 100% of the jobs. I hope Sen. Hansen joins me in supporting this important legislation.”

“I encourage Sen. Hansen to listen to this testimony from a Kimberly-Clark employee of over 20 years speaking to the importance of Kimberly-Clark in our community and the lives of many.”

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