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Governor unveils ambitious agenda for Wisconsin!

Madison –State Representative Warren Petryk (R-Eleva) issued the following statement after the close of Governor Walker’s State of the State address:

“This afternoon, Governor Walker presented an outstanding plan for Wisconsin going forward into 2018 which focuses on education reform, workforce development, improving health care and welfare reform, while building on the successes of the past seven years.”

“Today our state’s employment has reached historic highs and unemployment, historic lows. We’ve invested more dollars into our schools than ever before in our state’s history, eliminated the state’s property tax, and have positioned our health care systems to be ranked number one in the nation for quality. To top it off, we ended the last fiscal year with more than a half-a-billion-dollar surplus.”

As the Governor stated in his address, this upcoming session we will work hard to:

  1. Put more resources into the classroom to continue and build off of our historic K-12 investments
  2. Continue expanding broadband service by employing television white space technologies
  3. Expand the Wisconsin Works for Everyone welfare reform statewide
  4. Create the Rural Economic Development Fund
  5. Create the Family Farm Fund to provide scholarships to students for agriculture-related studies
  6. Expand Family Care and IRIS statewide to provide long-term care options for senior citizens and people with disabilities
  7. Continue reforms of the criminal justice system for serious juvenile offenders to create six smaller facilities spread throughout the state
  8. Create the Wisconsin child tax credit, where families statewide will receive $100 for every child, under 18, living at home
  9. Create a Health Care Stability Plan that would guarantee coverage of pre-existing conditions and seek a permanent waiver for the State of Wisconsin to provide SeniorCare.

“I am excited about the ambitious agenda Governor Walker has laid out for this year and appreciate how closely these priorities match those of our Western Wisconsin region. I am humbled to serve as your Representative of the 93rd Assembly District and eager to continue working for you to better our rural area as well as our state.”

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