Contact: State Rep. Warren Petryk (608) 266-0660

ELEVA – State Representative Warren Petryk values our nation’s veterans as they are the bedrock of our freedoms. “I believe it’s critically important for us to support the sacrifice that these men and women have made by ensuring they can find a good-paying, family-supporting career when they leave the military.”

In Wisconsin, our reforms have benefitted families and communities across the state as we’ve delivered on promise after promise to bring down health insurance premiums, increase wages, and encourage private-sector job creation.

We’ve seen such success enabling Wisconsinites to find work, but employers are telling me they’re struggling to find skilled workers. The Job Center of Wisconsin website, which lists available jobs around the state currently has more than 90,000 available jobs, but only 35,000 jobseekers registered.

“While I think it’s a great testament to the strength of our economy that so many people are finding work, we know that employers need a trained workforce for our economy to keep growing.”

“I’m excited that the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, working with agencies across State government, has launched a marketing campaign to attract veterans and their families to Wisconsin. We have thousands of good-paying, family-sustaining jobs available, a top-tier education system, and safe, livable communities.”

Veterans are a great fit for Wisconsin – they bring a strong work ethic and often learn valuable career skills while in the military. Coupled with other campaigns targeting young professionals and Wisconsin college and university alumni, we’re on the right course, attracting the skilled, trained, and educated workers we need to thrive now and in the future.

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