Contact: Rep. Sondy Pope, 608-266-3520

MADISON, Wis. – Representative Sondy Pope (D-Mt. Horeb), along with Democratic colleagues on the Assembly and Senate Committees on Education introduced a package of bills (LRBs 5633/1, 5634/1, 5635/1, 5637/1, 5640/1, 5648/1 & 5655/1) that aim to improve safety for Wisconsin students. These bills are overwhelmingly supported by education groups across the state as they address school safety and mental health concerns expressed by educators, families and students.

“These bills are being introduced as an alternative to the ludicrous idea of arming teachers to make schools safer. It is unfortunate that elected officials such as President Trump, Governor Walker and Attorney General Schimel would embrace such a reckless idea,” said Rep. Pope. “Building walls and handing out guns will not protect students. Our comprehensive approach in addressing mental health, creating healthy learning environments and strengthening basic security measures will be much more effective in keeping students safe and educators prepared.”

Just a day before planned nationwide school walkouts, the introduction of these bills is in solidarity with the many students that may leave their classrooms to protest government inaction on gun control as it relates to school safety.

“Governor Walker has had seven years to make Wisconsin a safer place for students and has failed them. Facing the toughest re-election campaign of his career, any action he takes will be driven only by political expediency,” Rep. Pope said. “Because of his failure to lead on this issue, students themselves have taken up the responsibility and are courageously leading the debate. My Democratic colleagues and I admire their bravery and strongly support their call for change.”

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