Contact: Rep. Jessie Rodriguez (608) 266-0610

MADISON – Today, Gov. Walker signed Wisconsin Act 203, legislation authored by Rep. Jessie Rodriguez (R-Oak Creek) that eases the process and clarifies state law for separated parents when one parent seeks to relocate to another location outside of their current living arrangement.

“This is commonsense legislation that makes the process of moving easier for parents who have shared custody of their child,” said Rodriguez. “The previous law was difficult to navigate and often led to drawn-out, costly litigation.”

The updated policy eliminates confusion in state law regarding placement and custody when one parent intends to move 100 miles or more away from the other parent. The law creates a clear process for parents who want to relocate with the child to find a workable placement or custody agreement in an effort to create fairness and reduce litigation.

In contrast with the previous law, Act 203 applies to never-married parents, creates a clear process if the non-moving parent does not object to the move, and requires the notice to move at 100 miles instead of 150. Changes in federal law adopted by Wisconsin in 2006, eliminate the requirement to provide notice if a parent wishes to move out of state with the child. Child custody orders would remain under Wisconsin jurisdiction unless both parents move out of state.

“Not only does this legislation clarify a confusing law but it will also reduce the occurrence of prolonged litigation that can have a harmful impact on families and their children,” said Rodriguez.

The legislation passed the Assembly and Senate with unanimous support.

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