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October 4, 2018 Maddie Zimmerman, 440-725-9466; Rep. Chris Taylor, 608-266-5342

MADISON – Attorney General Brad Schimel’s recent comments regarding processing rape kits are no more than empty promises he has previously failed to support and push. For years under Schimel’s watch, survivors of sexual assault have been denied justice because of Schimel’s delays and inaction. Thirty-three days from the election, Wisconsinites are not blind to the political spin that the AG is putting on his last minute embrace of policies he has failed to champion.

“I have been a relentless supporter and advocate of victims and survivors of sexual assault, this is nothing new,” said Rep. Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) “What has changed is the newfangled political approach that AG Schimel has all of the sudden taken. Where was he when I introduced my package of bills to support and protect survivors? Where was he when I suggested a 30-day limit on submitting rape kits for testing?”

“I was interested to see that several items I fought for throughout last session – including publishing domestic violence data and tracking rape kits – were included in AG Schimel’s comments,” stated Chris Taylor (D-Madison). “Despite repeated contact with the DOJ, I could not get traction on either bill during the legislative session. It’s clear he’s putting this out for his own political purpose 30 days before an election so he can claim he did something for victims of sexual violence when in reality he failed to champion these policies.”

Just last week, AG Schimel blatantly discredited the allegations of Dr. Blasey Ford, blamed her for silencing survivors, and questioned her legitimacy.

“How can someone who doesn’t even believe survivors be trusted to bring justice for these incredibly brave people?” continued Rep. Sargent.

“AG Schimel’s comments about Dr. Blasey Ford, in addition to his last-minute election ‘promises’, show that he is not a true advocate for victims,” concluded Rep. Taylor.

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