Contact: Maddie Zimmerman, [email protected], 440-725-9466

MADISON – Wisconsin state agencies finalized their biennial budget requests last night, and you don’t need a microscope to see how deep Governor Walker’s hand has dipped into the pot on these.

“Once again, Walker is cribbing off of sound, democratic proposals to pad his campaign narrative for the next seven weeks. This is not the first time Walker manipulated the long arm of the government to perpetuate his political priorities,” said State Representative Melissa Sargent (D-Madison).

The Department of Revenue included in their budget request a “dependent tax credit” that mirrors the federal dependent tax credit…and also Representative Sargent’s bill, AB 43. These agencies, led by gubernatorial appointees, are extensions of the Governor’s office, and their partisan preference is showing in these proposals.

“Here’s the real kicker, now Governor Walker gets to steal the spotlight for the next forty-nine days by running on a bill that I have proudly championed for the past three sessions. Let me be very clear: Governor Walker has had four years to act on this proposal, four years to provide the relief families need. Apparently, the pressure of a looming election is all it takes to trigger action,” concluded Sargent. “Half a decade of inaction can’t be solved by reactive election-year stunts.”

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