Contact: Maddie Zimmerman, [email protected], 440-725-9466

MADISON – State Representative Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) released the following statement upon hearing of the anticipated closure of Bimbo Bakeries in the 48th Assembly District. Bimbo Bakeries has been an integral member of the community for years, supplying jobs to hundreds of Madisonians.

“I am saddened to hear that Bimbo Bakeries will be closing in the following months. With little notice to the employees, city, or district, this comes as a shock to us all.

My thoughts are with those 159 employees and their families as they bring the news home to their loved ones. These are my friends, neighbors, and constituents, and I can only imagine how upsetting of a time this must be for them. Not only did Bimbo’s employees fill their block of East Washington with delicious, sweet smells, but they are truly the heart and soul of our community.

As these workers navigate an undoubtedly challenging transition over the next few months, I know Madison will rally around these people and their families to support them. I look forward to working with the City and other stakeholders to support the employees of Bimbo Bakeries and their families in whatever way we can.”

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