Madison – Today Representative John Spiros (R-Marshfield) voted to support a number of initiatives that would bring major reform to the criminal justice and corrections systems in our state.

Assembly Bill 953, which Rep. Spiros supported, will close the youth school at Lincoln Hills and open smaller, more local facilities that will use evidence-based corrections approaches. The reform will create a more local and individualized approach in the hopes of creating better outcomes for these individuals.

“This bill took an immense amount of work from many of my legislative colleagues,” Rep. Spiros said. “I commend them on their hard work and was proud to support this bill today.”

The Assembly also passed a number of criminal justice reform bills dealing with creating mandatory minimum sentences for certain crimes, cracking down on those who illegally possess firearms, and addressing the growing carjacking problem in our state.

“As the Chairman of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, I was proud to vote a number of these bills out of my committee earlier this session,” Rep. Spiros said. “Public safety is a huge priority for me. It’s important to me that we remain tough on crime, but also that we balance that out with bills such as the expungement bill we passed today that will give a second chance to those who truly deserve it.”

Some of these bills will head to the Senate to be passed there, while others have already been passed by the Senate and will go to the Governor to await his signature.

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