Madison – Today Representative John Spiros (R-Marshfield) voted to help get Wisconsinites back to work by supporting a package of bills in the Assembly Special Session to give people the training and opportunity necessary to get back into the workforce and off of government assistance.

“Our state’s public assistance is an important tool that allows those that truly need help to get it,” Rep. Spiros said. “However, these programs are meant to be temporary and just a stepping stone to helping people gain employment and self-sufficiency.”

The package of bills passed by the Assembly today promotes accountability, encourages personal responsibility, prevents fraud and abuse, and gets people back into the workforce.

“Unemployment in Wisconsin right now is historically low,” Rep. Spiros said. “Employers across the state are in need of workers and the Wisconsin employment website has more than 90,000 available jobs posted.”

The package includes bills that fight fraud and abuse within government assistance programs and expands the FoodShare Employment and Training Program (FSET), which was helped more than 25,000 individuals transition into the workforce since its start in April 2015. The goal is to hold individuals accountable while rewarding them for work.

“These bills will help individuals become gainfully employed,” Rep. Spiros said. “Like Thomas, who enrolled in the FSET program and, due to his commitment and hard work, went from temporary seasonal work to full-time permanent employment. This is just one of many who continue to benefit from these programs.”

The bills will go to the Senate for consideration before heading to the Governor for his signature.

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