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Audio File of Radio Address

Hello, this is State Representative Amanda Stuck with this week’s Democratic Radio Address.

I would like to start off by welcoming Governor Walker to the Democratic Party, over the Governor’s 25 year political career he has rejected good ideas put forward by his political opponents.

However, after seeing poll numbers and heeding his self-proclaimed “Wake Up Call” after the special election, the Governor has gone full flip-flop, embracing ideas he has rejected for years.

For instance, in two of his budget proposals he wanted to eliminate SeniorCare which saves Wisconsin’s seniors money on prescription drug costs, now suddenly he wants it to be a permanent program.

After railing against the Affordable Care Act in his campaigns and rejecting every provision since taking office, he suddenly wants to stabilize the insurance marketplace and protect those with pre-existing conditions.

In last year’s budget, he vetoed a plan to help fund rural schools, but now with early polls looking bad he is embracing increasing sparsity aid.

For six years, he has ignored the crisis at Lincoln Hills and refused to visit the facility, now suddenly he is embracing Democratic plan to regionalize our juvenile corrections system.

There is still time for Governor Walker to embrace a few more Democratic ideas before the November election.

We could find a long-term solution for our transportation system.

The Governor could also accept the proposal to allow college graduates to refinance their student loans, rather than being weighed down with student loan debt.

We could repeal the $4.5 billion giveaway to Foxconn. Instead we could help the Wisconsin businesses and families in northeast Wisconsin who have seen plants shuttered or file for bankruptcy. We can help the family farms in western Wisconsin who led the country in bankruptcies last year, making sure that family farms can make their payments.

While there seems to be nothing that the Governor won’t say or do to help him get re-elected, Democrats will continue to work on good ideas that help the people of Wisconsin, because they will help people in our state, not just to use as an election year talking point.

Thank you.

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