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Until clear commitment to unify 2,300 children taken from parents and permanently cease policy, Walker shouldn’t commit troops

MADISON – Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order that he claimed would end his policy of separating migrant children from their families at the US border. Absent is a clear commitment to immediately unite over 2,300 taken from their parents under his barbaric policy. Instead, President Trump’s order seems to temporarily suspend this inhumane directive while he seeks permission from a federal court to hold children and their parents indefinitely. In response, Rep. Taylor (D-Madison) issued the following statement:

“Don’t be fooled by President Trump’s rhetoric – His Executive order seems to be conditional and temporary in halting his tormenting policies in separating families. The President DOESN’T commit to immediately reunifying over 2,300 traumatized children with their families. He DOESN’T commit to never using this inhumane policy again. Rather, it appears from the order itself that this is a temporary suspension of his barbaric and inhumane policy of taking children from parents as he tries to get permission from a court to detain families INDEFINITELY. Governor Walker should withhold Wisconsin National Guard troops from the border until President Trump specifically commits to expeditiously reunite detained children with their families and, regardless of court action, to never use this cruel policy again.”

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