January 11, 2018

Contact:  Hariah Hutkowski

Phone:  608-266-3156

Rep. Thiesfeldt’s testifies on the Teacher Protection Act

School safety is not just for students

Madison – Today, Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R – Fond du Lac), author of Assembly Bill 693, the Teacher’s Protection Act, testified today in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Rep. Thiesfeldt stated, “Today we began the public process to strengthen a teacher’s ability to maintain effective discipline and feel safe in their classrooms.  The Teacher Protection Act aims to implement a number of positive steps including:  builds school relationships with law enforcement, allows more classroom control, provides loss of leave benefits if assaulted or injured, assures access for up-to-date student records, and updates teachers annually of their current and expanded rights.”

A robust crowd filled the committee hearing room and the hearing can be viewed on Wiseye.org.  Rep. Thiesfeldt shared the bill and statistical evidence that we need to protect teachers by giving them more information and authority over their classroom, providing assistance if injured, and integrating proper police presence.  Sadly evidence indicates Wisconsin is among the worst in the nation in protecting its teachers from violent student acts.

“I hope this hearing will prompt more conversation on this important issue.  School safety is not just for students.  Thank you for all who testified, reached out to my office and shared thoughts and ideas to improve this legislation,” Rep. Thiesfeldt concluded.

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