December 4, 2018 608-266-3790

Rep. Don Vruwink (D-Milton) issued the following statement today as the Assembly prepared to act on four bills that would change long-standing laws about how state government operates. The bills are being fast-tracked through the legislative process a month before a new governor and attorney general are sworn into office.

“I’m disappointed that this is how the Legislature starts off with a new governor and I’m disappointed that we are arguing over power. I was hoping that with a Democratic governor and a Republican-controlled Legislature, we could create a lot more bipartisan legislation. I believe government works best when we have a balance of power. In my experience, the most effective legislation comes when we work together in a bipartisan manner.

“In my discussions with Governor-Elect Evers, it is clear that he wants to work well with legislators on both sides of the aisle. His priorities are not Democratic nor Republican, but taking care of the needs of Wisconsin.”

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