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MADISON – State Rep. Leon Young (D-Milwaukee) stated that, “The recent multiple shooting at the Waffle House in the Antioch neighborhood in Nashville, TN, illustrates the dire need for better gun safety.”

Travis Reinking was arrested after eye witness reports stated that he opened fire with an AR-15 rifle on a Waffle House in Nashville, killing four people and injuring four others. Shortly before the shooting he parked his pickup truck in front of the restaurant for a few minutes, than open fire. Once inside while apparently attempting to reload, James Shaw Jr. age 29 seized the moment and came out of hiding from behind a swinging door and wrestled the weapon away from Mr. Reinking and threw it over the counter. After a short scuffle the assailant fled and was arrested a day later. An investigation is ensuing as to whether or not Mr.Reinking was legally in possession of a fire arm. Once again we are seeing the deadly results of random gun violence via assault weapons. The AR-15 rifle that he used is classified as a semi-automatic weapon and should be banned.

My prayers and condolences go out to the victims and families of this tragic shooting. Especially to James Shaw Jr. who put his life on the line and whom heroic efforts of bravery prevented the injury of more people and the taking of numerous other lives.

According to Rep.Young, “The time for meaningful action on gun control legislation that aims to protect our children and the public at large is long overdue. Enacting common-sense gun control measures like: universal background checks, raising firearm age and banning bump stocks have wide public support. The truth be told, rapid-fire assault weapons with large clips of ammunition have only one purpose: the mass slaughter of large numbers of human beings. They were designed for use by the military to achieve that mission in combat – and that mission alone. Assault weapons should be banned along with high-capacity magazines.”

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