Banning Assault Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines are a Must

Madison – State Representative Leon D. Young (D-Milwaukee)
announced today that he fully supports his Democratic colleagues’
request that Governor Scott Walker convene a special session to
consider common-sense gun safety legislation.
According to Young, “The time for meaningful action on gun control
legislation that aims to protect our children and the public at
large is long overdue. Public opinion is shifting and
approximately 70 percent of Americans now support stricter gun

“Enacting common-sense gun control measures like: universal
background checks, raising firearm age and banning bump stocks
have wide public support and are all steps in the right direction.
But, in truth, you’re not going to solve the mass shooting problem
in this country until, and unless, you get assault rifles off our
streets and ban the possession of high-capacity magazines.”
“Truth be told, rapid-fire assault weapons with large clips of
ammunition have only one purpose: the mass slaughter of large
numbers of human beings. They were designed for use by the
military to achieve that mission in combat — and that mission

Therefore, if the Legislature is serious about doing its due
diligence on this important public safety issue, it must also
consider proposals that ban assault weapons and high-capacity

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