Contact: Josh Zepnick, 608-266-1707

Madison, WI- State Representative Josh Zepnick (D-Milwaukee) joins Democrat Assembly leader Gordon Hintz, other Democratic lawmakers, Voces de la Frontera, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops along with millions of people around the world against the Trump administration’s reckless and immoral policy on child separation at America’s border with Mexico.

“Governor Walker should heed the words of leaders like Cardinal Dolan and immediately suspend the WI National Guard deployment of troops being sent to the border. This is a wasteful, harmful, and un-American policy which does not deserve the time and talent of our brave men and women of the National Guard,” stated Zepnick.

Cardinal Dolan, formerly of the Milwaukee Archdiocese said last Friday that splitting kids from parents “goes against human decency, goes against human dignity, and goes against what’s most sacred in the human person”.

Zepnick has joined other Democratic legislators in sending a letter to Governor Walker calling on him to rescind this dangerous and foolish policy.

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