For Immediate Release
July 3, 2018 Contact: Rep. Josh Zepnick

Madison, WI – State Representative Josh Zepnick (D-9 Milwaukee) today, rejects the latest move by the Milwaukee Common Council to run the Police Department.

Representative Zepnick announced his total opposition to using an election process to hire a future Milwaukee Police Chief.

“The suggestion that another political campaign is what Milwaukee needs to hire a Police Chief is beyond absurd and totally unworkable. It is another sign many of the Aldermen feel the need to run the Milwaukee Police Department instead of doing their jobs,” stated Zepnick.

Look at how David Clarke politicized his position as Sheriff. The unfolding events of egomaniac and erratic President Donald Trump when it comes to border security and using his power to go after political enemies should be a wake-up call about how a politician can manipulate an election and abuse their power while threatening basic civil rights and democracy.

What is even more disturbing about this concept is the obvious central piece of a political campaign: money. The idea that individuals and corporations could throw money into a Police Chief candidate in exchange for certain policies after the election would wreak havoc and chaos into the professional management of the police force.

It would be demeaning to citizens and taxpayers, and undermine the safety and effectiveness of the brave women and men who serve as MPD officers.

If this proposal comes before the Wisconsin Legislature, I will work with my Democratic colleagues from Milwaukee and other Legislators of both parties to shut down any attempt to use political campaigns to run Police, or Fire departments anywhere in Wisconsin.

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