Contact: Rep. Shannon Zimmerman (608) 237-9130

Madison, WI – The Wisconsin State Assembly voted on Wednesday to pass Assembly Bill (AB) 920, which enables small businesses to band together and offer self-funded health coverage for their employees. The bill’s author, Representative Shannon Zimmerman (River Falls) was encouraged by the bill’s progress.

“My bill levels the playing field for small businesses who want to band together to offer self-funded health coverage to their employees like many large individual employers already do,” said Rep. Zimmerman. “By creating more options, my goal is to help make health care more affordable.”

AB 920 empowers two or more employers associated either through a chamber of commerce or a trade association to pool their resources to offer benefits to employees. The bill includes the full list of requirements in insurance statutes so, for example, autism, mental health treatments and coverage for victims of domestic violence are covered. Further, it includes consumer protections, such as requiring that employer groups offer the same health care benefits to all employees.

“Maintaining affordable health coverage can be a struggle. Rather than wait for the federal government to act on health care, my Assembly colleagues and I worked together to pass a bill which will benefit all of Wisconsin,” said Rep. Zimmerman.

Visit Representative Zimmerman’s legislative website for more information:

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