Rep. Samantha Kerkman, Co-Chair                            Sen. Robert Cowles, Co-Chair

Joint Audit Committee                                                Joint Audit Committee

315 North, State Capitol                                             118 South, State Capitol

Dear Co-Chairs Kerkman and Cowles,

We are writing today to request a comprehensive audit of Gov. Scott Walker’s use of the state plane. A recent investigation revealed that Gov. Walker has frivolously used over $800,000 in Wisconsinites’ money taking excessive and unnecessary flights.

Documents released two weeks ago revealed that Gov. Walker’s use of the state plane has increased in the last two years. It appears he has used this form of taxpayer-supported travel for convenience rather than necessity – including flying very short distances, visiting Eau Claire on two consecutive days, and being “fetched” by the plane from a haircut to attend an NRA conference.

Most egregiously, at the end of last week there was a report that Gov. Walker flew to Rhinelander at a cost of $2,017 to film a campaign commercial nearby without reimbursing the state.

The Legislature, and the Audit Committee specifically, has a commitment to act as loyal stewards of taxpayer dollars. It is our duty to ensure the efficiency of state government, and hold those who are violating that efficiency accountable.

Thank you for considering this request, and we look forward to your timely response.

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