Contact: Rep. Jonathan Brostoff, (608) 266-0650, Rep. Lisa Subeck (608) 266-7521

MADISON – Representatives Jonathan Brostoff and Lisa Subeck released the following statements regarding the anti-Semitic attack this past weekend.

Representative Jonathan Brostoff:

“My heart aches for the loss of life this past weekend and week. In the midst of this political violence, we must remember that a little bit of light dispels much darkness. We are called to answer hate with greater acts of loving kindness and to hold those in power accountable. Our leaders cannot continue to condone white nationalism and violence. When those in power on the right do not act in humane and loving ways, we must work to be even more connected to our humanity and each another.”

Representative Lisa Subeck:

“Again, I find myself asking what words I can say that will provide some degree of comfort for people trying to cope with the unbearable loss of family members and friends in the wake of another senseless mass shooting. This time, members of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh were targeted and had their lives cut short simply due to their being Jewish. Like many other people, I only know the victims through the statements and recollections of their family and friends. To a person, we see portraits emerging of people who were caring and simply sought to make their community, and the world, better.

The words elected officials choose to use, and the actions that elected officials choose to take, have consequences in our society. Past Presidents of both parties recognized this and rejected language that would tend to incite violence and fuel the flames of prejudice. They knew just as well-chosen words could unite us and bring our country peacefully together, ill-chosen words on their part could divide us and sow the seeds of violence. As we mourn the loss of life in Pittsburgh, we must take positive action – finding ways to serve and help others, learning about issues, debating those issues on the merits, and ending the divisive rhetoric that encourages these sorts of actions.”

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