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Republican Group Reserves $2.5 million in Wisconsin and $1.5 million in Michigan

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) announced a $4 million TV advertising buy in the Midwest. A $2.5 million buy will support Attorney General Brad Schimel in Wisconsin and run from next week until November 6. A $1.5 million buy will support Tom Leonard for Attorney General in Michigan and cover three weeks, from October 17 – November 6.

In Wisconsin, RAGA has already launched a digital advertising campaign and a website to promote Attorney General Schimel’s work to protect Wisconsin.

“This race gives voters a clear choice,” said RAGA Communications Director Zack Roday. “Brad Schimel is a proven leader – with nearly 30-years of prosecutorial experience and the backing of a dozen Democratic law enforcement leaders. Meanwhile, Josh Kaul’s reckless activism ignores the law; he is way out-of-touch with Wisconsinites. But, that makes sense, Kaul has spent nearly his entire adult life on the West and East Coast and he has never prosecuted a single case in Wisconsin.”

In Michigan, RAGA has released a website on the Democratic nominee, Dana Nessel. The site,, is just a first step in sharing Nessel’s record with Michigan voters.

“Tom Leonard is a proven leader who gets results,” said RAGA Communications Director Zack Roday. “As a drug prosecutor, assistant attorney general, and Speaker of the House, Tom has always worked to make Michigan safer and stronger. You can trust him; he will be tough, but fair. We are all in for Tom Leonard, and we are excited to contrast his positive record of results with the divisive rhetoric and disturbing record of Dana Nessel.” 

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