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Opioids and other dangerous drugs are plaguing Wisconsin families. Attorney General Brad Schimel has taken this crisis to heart and is devoted to cracking down on opioid pushers and helping those in need. Most recently, methamphetamine is starting to spread throughout Wisconsin and heavily affecting the Northwoods region. According to the state’s Department of Justice, meth samples sent to the state crime lab has more than tripled from 499 in 2013 to 1,696 in 2017.

Through his targeted “Dose of Reality” initiative, Schimel has launched a “KNOW METH” public awareness campaign, utilizing radio and television advertisements to spread a message about the harmful effects meth can have on not just one person, but an entire community.

As seen in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:

Meth monster returns to Chippewa Valley and is extending its reach

Attorney General Brad Schimel sounded the alarm last week in Eau Claire about the resurgence of a highly addictive illegal drug that threatens to destroy more families and communities as it spreads across Wisconsin. Schimel said he agreed wholeheartedly with [Scott] Fitzgerald’s prediction and described how meth is gradually working its way across the state from its longtime stronghold in northwestern and west-central Wisconsin, fed by the proximity to a trafficking base in the Twin Cities.

As seen in NBC-12:

Targeted ‘Dose of Reality’ campaign to address opioid issue in tribal communities

Young Native Americans in Wisconsin use illegal opioids two to three times more than other ethnic groups … The state wants to change that. It’s targeting a new “Dose of Reality” campaign at tribal communities. The DOJ will spend $85,000 on publicity and advertising specific to young tribal members and their parents. … ‘You can’t talk to seniors the same way you talk to teenagers, and you’ve got to talk a little bit differently to the tribal communities and some of the other communities, because they have a different cultural tradition,’ said Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel … ‘What we’ve done with the new Dose of Reality [campaign] that is targeted to the tribal communities is we’ve changed the messaging, so it has more cultural relevance to them.

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