Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel recently launched a new online dashboard that reports detailed, case-specific, information regarding sexual offenses in the state. The goal is to improve transparency by helping citizens, policy-makers and researchers gain access to more data.

In a statement, Attorney General Schimel said,“We cannot forget that behind all of these numbers are survivors; survivors who have gone through one of the most traumatic events somebody can experience. Making this information easily available to the public is critical to creating evidence-based decisions in the criminal justice system that will improve outcomes for survivors of crimes and initiate prevention methods to prevent others from becoming crime victims.”

Here are some quick highlights:

Spooner Advocate: “The dashboard is the first Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) dashboard offering incident-level detail. Users can view the number and rate of six different sex offenses reported by each law enforcement agency over the last five years.”

WisPolitics:“Data from 2013-2017 are currently available on the dashboard, and the data will be refreshed quarterly. Additional information regarding the six sex offenses and methodology are available on the dashboard page. These data are based on sex offenses reported by Wisconsin law enforcement agencies to the BJIA through the Wisconsin Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, using definitions of offenses as defined by the FBI. Law enforcement agencies are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the data submitted under the UCR program.”

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